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Nos Services - Nail Salon

Prices may vary depending on length and design of your choice

Les Mains


Manucure Régulière

Regular Manicure

$22 (~ 20-30 minutes)

Changement de Vernis Main (Couleur Rég)

Hand Colour Change (Reg Colour)

$15 (~15 min)

  • Does not include cuticle cutting; ONLY cut, shape and paint.

Manucure Gel

Shellac Manicure

$38 (~45 minutes)

  • Includes cuticle cleaning, shaping, hand massages, and hot towels

Changement de Vernis Gel Main (Shellac)

Hand Colour Change (Shellac)

$25 on REAL nails (~30-35minutes)

$30 on Acrylic/Gel nails (~40min +)

Pose d'ongles

Full set

  • Acrylic - $55 (~60 - 70 minutes)

  • BIOGEL - $65 (~75 minutes)

(Price may varies depends on the length or design)



  • Acrylic - $43 (~45-60 minutes)

  • BIOGEL - $53 (~60 minutes)

Recouvrement BIOGEL

BIOGEL Overlay

$55 (~60 minutes)

This is an enhancement on your real nails; it helps strengthen and nails growth.

Enlèvement des Ongles


  • Pose d' Ongles - BIOGEL/Acrylic $15 (~20 minutes)

    • $10 with other service​

  • Gel/Shellac $10 (~15 mins)

Services: List

We offer a wide selection of nail polish brands including: OPI, Essie Gel Couture, BOSSY, DND, Gelish, CND, VERY GOOD NAILS, GENTLE PINK, Magic Gel, and more!

Note: regular manicure drying time may vary depending on polish brand (~15-20min)

Les Pieds


NOTE: all pedicures include: cut, shape, cuticle cleaning, exfoliate, mask, massage and hot towel.

Pédicure régulière

Regular Pedicure

$38 (~40 minutes)

Pédicure Gel

Shellac Pedicure

$53 (~45minutes)

Pédicure De Luxe

Deluxe Pedicure

$63 (~60 minutes) with Shellac:

  • This special treatment includes a jelly soak to help your feet stay moisturized and soft throughout the year. Also offer a FULL 5 minutes foot massage and special foot mask.

$50 (~50 minutes) with Regular Colour

Changement de Vernis Pied

Feet Colour Change

  • (Rég) $20 (~20 minutes)

  • (Gel/Shellac) $38 (~35 minutes)

Services: List


(We do not offer fullset and pedicure combos)
Nous ne proposons pas de combos pose d'ongles et pédicure!

Pédicure & Manucure Rég COMBO

Regular Pedicure and Manicure (on natural nails) COMBO

$55 (~75 minutes)

Pédicure Rég & Manucure Gel COMBO

Regular Pedicure and Shellac Manicure (on natural nails) COMBO

$70 (~90 minutes)

Pedicure & Manucure GEL COMBO

Shellac Pedicure and Manicure (on natural nails) COMBO

$85 (~100 minutes)

Services: List





$10 (~10 minutes)



$8 (~10 minutes)

Lèvre Supérieure

Upper Lip

$8 (~10 minutes)



$15 (~15 minutes)


$30 (~30 minutes)



  • Jambes Complètes $50 (~45 minutes)

    • Full Legs​

  • Demi $30 (~20-25 minutes)​

    • Half Legs​



  • Bras Complètes $30 (~30 minutes)

    • Full Arms​

  • Demi $20 (~15 minutes)​

    • Half Arms​

Abdomen/Dos À Partir De...

Stomach/ Back Starting From

$25 (~30 minutes)

Services: List

Enfants (MOINS DE 11 ANS)

Kids (Ages Under 11)

Pédicure & Manucure Rég COMBO

Regular Pedicure and Manicure COMBO

$35 (~45 minutes)

Pédicure Régulière

Regular Pedicure 

$25 (~30 minutes)

Manucure Régulière

Regular Manicure

$15 (~20 minutes)

Services: List

Pour Ajouter


Réparation d’ Ongles À Partir De

Nail Repair Starting From...

$5 chaque ongle/each nail

Façonnage des Ongles

Nail Shaping

$10 (~10 minutes)

Arts Des Ongles À Partir De

Nail Designs Starting From...


NOTE: For more accurate pricing, we highly recommend sending us photo of design via email or IG. 

Manucure Française

French Tip Design

starts at $5 (~15 minutes)

NOTE: Price varies depending on thickness of french and colours.


Gradient design 

$10 (~10 minutes)

Pour Les Pédicures

Pedicure Extras

  • Traitement à la paraffine - $10

    • Paraffin treatment​​​ 

  • Spa Gelée​ - $10

    • Jelly footsoak  

Services: List
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